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cooperative definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: involving the joint activity of two or more; "concerted action"; "the conjunct influence of fire and strong wind"; "the conjunctive focus of political opposition"; "a cooperative effort"; "a united effort"; "joint military activities" [syn: concerted, conjunct, conjunctive, cooperative]
2: done with or working with others for a common purpose or benefit; "a cooperative effort" [ant: uncooperative]
3: willing to adjust to differences in order to obtain agreement [syn: accommodative, cooperative] n
1: a jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners [syn: cooperative, co-op]
2: an association formed and operated for the benefit of those using it

Merriam Webster's

I. adjective Date: 1603 1. a. marked by cooperation <cooperative efforts> b. marked by a willingness and ability to work with others <cooperative neighbors> 2. of, relating to, or organized as a cooperative <a cooperative store> 3. relating to or comprising a program of combined liberal arts and technical studies at different schools cooperatively adverb cooperativeness noun II. noun Date: 1883 an enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services

Britannica Concise

Organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. Cooperatives have been successful in such fields as the processing and marketing of farm products and the purchasing of other kinds of equipment and raw materials, and in the wholesaling, retailing, electric power, credit and banking, and housing industries. The modern consumer cooperative traces its roots to Britain's Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers (1844); the movement spread quickly in N Europe. In the U.S., agricultural marketing cooperatives developed in rural areas in the 19th cent., and consumer and housing cooperatives have spread in metropolitan areas in recent years. See also credit union.

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. & n. (also co-operative) --adj. 1 of or affording cooperation. 2 willing to cooperate. 3 Econ. (of a farm, shop, or other business, or a society owning such businesses) owned and run jointly by its members, with profits shared among them. --n. a cooperative farm or society or business. Derivatives: cooperatively adv. cooperativeness n. Etymology: LL cooperativus (as COOPERATE)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Cooperative Co*["o]p"er*a*tive, a. Operating jointly to the same end. Co["o]perative society, a society established on the principle of a joint-stock association, for the production of commodities, or their purchase and distribution for consumption, or for the borrowing and lending of capital among its members. Co["o]perative store, a store established by a co["o]perative society, where the members make their purchases and share in the profits or losses.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

see co-operative

Moby Thesaurus

Bund, Rochdale cooperative, accompanying, accordant, acquiescent, affirmative, agreeable, agreeing, alacritous, alliance, amenable, amicable, answerable, ardent, assemblage, associate, associated, association, at one, at one with, axis, band, beneficent, benevolent, benign, benignant, bloc, body, boutique, chain store, co-op, coacting, coactive, coadjutant, coadjuvant, coadunate, coalition, coefficient, coexistent, coexisting, coherent, coincident, coinciding, collaborative, collective, collectivist, collectivistic, college, collusive, combination, combine, combined, combining, commensal, commensurate, common, common market, communal, communalist, communalistic, communist, communistic, communitarian, commutual, compatible, compliant, concerted, concession, concomitant, concordant, concurrent, concurring, confederacy, confederation, conformable, congenial, congruent, congruous, conjoint, conniving, consentaneous, consentient, consenting, consilient, consistent, consonant, conspiratorial, consumer cooperative, content, cooperant, cooperating, cooperative society, coordinate, corps, correspondent, corresponding, council, countinghouse, country store, coworking, credit union, customs union, department store, dime store, discount house, discount store, disposed, docile, eager, economic community, ecumenic, emporium, en rapport, enthusiastic, equivalent, establishment, fain, favorable, favorably disposed, favorably inclined, federation, fellow, five-and-ten, forward, free trade area, friendly, game, gang, general, general store, group, grouping, harmonious, harmonized, house, in accord, in agreement, in common, in rapport, in sync, in synchronization, in the mind, in the mood, inaccordance, inclined, inharmony, joint, kind, kindly, kindly-disposed, league, like-minded, machine, magasin, mail-order house, market, mart, meeting, minded, mob, mutual, neighborly, noncompetitive, of a piece, of like mind, of one mind, on all fours, parasitic, partnership, pliant, political machine, popular, positive, post, predisposed, prompt, prone, propitious, proportionate, public, quick, ready, ready and willing, receptive, reciprocal, reconcilable, responsive, retail store, ring, salon, saprophytic, self-consistent, shop, social, socialistic, societal, society, store, supermarket, symbiotic, synchronized, synchronous, synergetic, synergic, synergistic, tractable, trading post, unanimous, uncompetitive, uniform, union, unisonant, unisonous, united, uniting, variety shop, variety store, warehouse, wareroom, well-affected, well-disposed, well-inclined, well-intentioned, well-meaning, well-meant, wholesale house, willed, willing, willinghearted, zealous


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