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Concession definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

CONCESSION, n. [L. From concedo. See Concede.]
1. The act of granting or yielding; usually implying a demand, claim, or request from the party to whom it is made, and thus distinguished from giving, which is voluntary or spontaneous.
The concession of these charters was in a parliamentary way.
2. The thing yielded; as, in the treaty of peace, each power made large concessions.
3. In rhetoric or debate, the yielding, granting, or allowing to the opposite party some point or face that may bear dispute, with a view to obtain something which cannot be denied, or to show that even admitting the point conceded, the cause is not with the adverse party, but can be maintained by the advocate on other grounds.
4. Acknowledgment by way of apology; confession of a fault.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a contract granting the right to operate a subsidiary business; "he got the beer concession at the ball park" [syn: concession, grant]
2: the act of conceding or yielding [syn: concession, conceding, yielding]
3: a point conceded or yielded; "they won all the concessions they asked for"

Merriam Webster's

noun Etymology: Middle English concessyon, from Anglo-French concessioun, from Latin concession-, concessio, from concedere to concede Date: 15th century 1. a. the act or an instance of conceding b. the admitting of a point claimed in argument 2. something conceded: a. acknowledgment, admission b. grant c. (1) a grant of land or property especially by a government in return for services or for a particular use (2) a right to undertake and profit by a specified activity (3) a lease of a portion of premises for a particular purpose; also the portion leased or the activities carried on concessional adjective concessionary adjective

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. 1 a the act or an instance of conceding (made the concession that we were right). b a thing conceded. 2 a reduction in price for a certain category of person. 3 a the right to use land or other property, granted esp. by a government or local authority, esp. for a specific use. b the right, given by a company, to sell goods, esp. in a particular territory. c the land or property used or given. Derivatives: concessionary adj. (also concessional). Etymology: F concession f. L concessio (as concede)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Concession Con*ces"sion, n. [L. concessio, fr. concedere: cf. F. concession. See Concede.] 1. The act of conceding or yielding; usually implying a demand, claim, or request, and thus distinguished from giving, which is voluntary or spontaneous. By mutual concession the business was adjusted. --Hallam. 2. A thing yielded; an acknowledgment or admission; a boon; a grant; esp. a grant by government of a privilege or right to do something; as, a concession to build a canal. This is therefore a concession, that he doth . . . believe the Scriptures to be sufficiently plain. --Sharp. When a lover becomes satisfied by small compliances without further pursuits, then expect to find popular assemblies content with small concessions. --Swift.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(concessions) Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English. 1. If you make a concession to someone, you agree to let them do or have something, especially in order to end an argument or conflict. The King made major concessions to end the confrontation with his people. N-COUNT: oft N to/from n 2. A concession is a special right or privilege that is given to someone. ...tax concessions for mothers who stay at home with their children. N-COUNT 3. A concession is a special price which is lower than the usual price and which is often given to old people, students, and the unemployed. (BRIT; in AM, use reduction) Open daily; admission 1.10 with concessions for children and OAPs. N-COUNT 4. A concession is an arrangement where someone is given the right to sell a product or to run a business, especially in a building belonging to another business. (mainly AM BUSINESS; in BRIT, usually use franchise) N-COUNT

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

n. 1. Yielding. 2. Grant, boon.

Moby Thesaurus

abatement, abatement of differences, acceptance, accommodation, accordance, acknowledgment, adjustment, admission, agio, allowance, appease, appreciation, arrangement, assuage, avowal, award, awarding, bank discount, bargain, bestowal, bestowment, boutique, breakage, brevet, calm, cash discount, cession, chain discount, chain store, charge-off, charter, circumscription, co-op, communication, composition, compromise, conciliate, conferment, conferral, confession, contribution, cooperative, cop-out, countinghouse, country store, cut, deal, declaration, deduction, deliverance, delivery, department store, depreciation, desertion of principle, dime store, diploma, discount, discount house, discount store, donation, drawback, emporium, endowment, establishment, evasion of responsibility, exception, exemption, extenuating circumstances, five-and-ten, franchise, furnishment, general store, gifting, give-and-take, giving, giving way, grain of salt, grant, granting, hedge, hedging, house, impartation, impartment, intervene, investiture, kickback, lean, letters patent, liberality, liberty, limitation, magasin, mail-order house, market, mart, mediate, mental reservation, modification, mollify, mutual concession, offer, owning, owning up, patent, penalty, penalty clause, percentage, persuade, placate, post, premium, presentation, presentment, prevail, price reduction, price-cut, profession, propitiate, provision, qualification, quiet, rebate, rebatement, recognition, reduction, refund, reservation, restriction, retail store, rite of confession, rollback, royal grant, salon, salvage, salvo, setoff, settlement, shop, shrift, soothe, special case, special treatment, specialness, specification, store, subscription, supermarket, supplying, surrender, sweeten, tare, time discount, trade discount, trading post, tranquilize, tret, unbosoming, underselling, understanding, variety shop, variety store, vouchsafement, waiver, warehouse, wareroom, wholesale house, write-off, yielding

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