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Clump definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

1. A thick, short piece of wood, or other solid substance; a shapeless mass. Hence clumper, a clot or clod.
2. A cluster of trees or shrubs; formerly written plump. In some parts of England, it is an adjective signifying lazy, unhandy.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a grouping of a number of similar things; "a bunch of trees"; "a cluster of admirers" [syn: bunch, clump, cluster, clustering]
2: a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder" [syn: ball, clod, glob, lump, clump, chunk]
3: a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects) [syn: thump, thumping, clump, clunk, thud] v
1: make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground [syn: clop, clump, clunk, plunk]
2: come together as in a cluster or flock; "The poets constellate in this town every summer" [syn: cluster, constellate, flock, clump]
3: walk clumsily [syn: clump, clomp]
4: gather or cause to gather into a cluster; "She bunched her fingers into a fist" [syn: bunch, bunch up, bundle, cluster, clump]

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Etymology: probably from Low German klump Date: circa 1586 1. a group of things clustered together <a clump of bushes> 2. a compact mass 3. a heavy tramping sound clumpy adjective II. verb Date: 1665 intransitive verb 1. to walk or move clumsily and noisily 2. to form clumps transitive verb to arrange in or cause to form clumps

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & v. --n. 1 (foll. by of) a cluster of plants, esp. trees or shrubs. 2 an agglutinated mass of blood-cells etc. 3 a thick extra sole on a boot or shoe. --v. 1 a intr. form a clump. b tr. heap or plant together. 2 intr. (also clomp) walk with heavy tread. 3 tr. colloq. hit. Derivatives: clumpy adj. (clumpier, clumpiest). Etymology: MLG klumpe, MDu. klompe: see CLUB

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Clump Clump (kl[u^]mp), n. [Cf. D. klomp lump, G. klump, klumpen, Dan. klump, Sw. klump; perh. akin to L. globus, E. globe. Cf. Club.] 1. An unshaped piece or mass of wood or other substance. 2. A cluster; a group; a thicket. A clump of shrubby trees. --Hawthorne. 3. The compressed clay of coal strata. --Brande & C.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Clump Clump, v. t. To arrange in a clump or clumps; to cluster; to group. --Blackmore.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Clump Clump, v. i. To tread clumsily; to clamp. [Prov. Eng.] --Halliwell.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(clumps, clumping, clumped) 1. A clump of things such as trees or plants is a small group of them growing together. ...a clump of trees bordering a side road. = cluster N-COUNT: oft N of n, in N in pl 2. A clump of things such as wires or hair is a group of them collected together in one place. I was combing my hair and it was just falling out in clumps. N-COUNT: oft N of n, in N in pl 3. If things clump together, they gather together and form small groups or lumps. Brown rice takes longer to cook but it doesn't clump together as easily as white rice. VERB: V together

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

n. Cluster, bunch, group, assemblage, collection.

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

A lump. Clumpish; lumpish, stupid.

Moby Thesaurus

accumulate, agglomerate, aggregate, aggroup, amass, amble, array, assemble, bang, barge, bash, bat, batch, beating, belt, biff, bilge, blain, bleb, blister, blob, block, blow, body, bonk, boss, bow, bowl along, bring together, bubble, bulb, bulge, bulk, bulla, bump, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, bundle, burl, button, cahot, cake, chine, chink, chop, chunk, clabber, clap, click, clink, clip, clobber, clod, clop, clot, clout, clunk, cluster, clutter, coagulate, coldcock, collect, colligate, collocate, combine, compare, compile, concrete, concretion, condyle, congeal, conglomerate, conglomeration, convex, copse, corral, crack, crop, crump, cumulate, curd, curdle, cut, dash, deal, deal a blow, deck, dig, dig up, dint, dowel, drag, draw together, dredge up, drive together, drub, drubbing, drumming, dull thud, ear, fetch, fetch a blow, flange, flap, flick, flounce, flump, foot, footslog, fusillade, gall, gather, gather in, gather together, gel, gelatinate, gelatinize, get in, get together, gnarl, gob, group, grouping, groupment, grove, growth, halt, handle, hassock, heap, hill, hippety-hop, hit, hit a clip, hitch, hobble, hodgepodge, hop, hump, hunch, hunk, incrassate, inspissate, jab, jell, jellify, jelly, jog, joggle, join, jolt, jumble, jump, juxtapose, knob, knock, knock cold, knock down, knock out, knot, knur, knurl, let have it, lick, limp, lip, loaf, loop, lopper, lot, lumber, lump, lump together, lunge, lurch, make up, mass, match, mess, mince, mobilize, mole, mountain, muster, nevus, node, nub, nubbin, nubble, nugget, omnium-gatherum, pace, pad, paddle, pair, papilloma, parcel, partner, paste, pat, patter, peg, pelt, piaffe, piaffer, pile, pitapat, pitter-patter, plantation, planting, plod, plump, plunk, poke, pop, pound, prance, punch, put together, quantity, rack, raise, rake up, rally, rap, rib, ridge, ring, roll, round up, sashay, saunter, scrape together, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, set, shamble, shock, shoulder, shuffle, sidle, single-foot, skip, slam, slew, slink, slither, slog, slouch, slug, smack, smash, smite, snap, soak, sock, solid, solid body, spine, spinney, stagger, stalk, stamp, stand, stomp, stook, straddle, straggle, stride, strike, strike at, stroke, stroll, strut, stud, stumble, stump, style, swagger, swat, swing, swipe, tab, take up, tap, tattoo, thick, thicken, thicket, thud, thump, thwack, tick, tinkle, tittup, toddle, totter, traipse, trample, tread, trip, trudge, tubercle, tubercule, tuft, tunk, tussock, verruca, vesicle, wad, waddle, wale, wallop, wamble, wart, welt, whack, wham, whip in, whop, wiggle, wisp, wobble, wood, yerk


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