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Britannica Concise

French poet, playwright, and diplomat. He converted to Catholicism at 18. His brilliant diplomatic career began in 1892, and he eventually served as ambassador to Japan (1921-27) and the U.S. (1927-33). At the same time he pursued a literary career, expressing in poetry and drama his conception of the grand design of creation. He reached his largest audience through such plays as Break of Noon (1906), The Hostage (1911), Tidings Brought to Mary (1912), and his masterpiece, The Satin Slipper (1929), which explore the struggle between good and evil and the search for salvation. He wrote the librettos for D. Milhaud's opera Christopher Columbus (1930) and A. Honegger's oratorio Joan of Arc (1938). His best-known poetic work is the Cinq grandes odes (1910). French sculptor. She was educated with her brother, P. Claudel, and by her teens she was a skilled sculptor. In 1881 she moved with her family to Paris and entered the Colarossi Academy. In 1882 she met A. Rodin. She is best known today as his student, collaborator, model, and mistress. She contributed whole figures and parts of figures to Rodin's projects, particularly The Gates of Hell (1880-1900). She exhibited her own work successfully at the official salons and in galleries, but also destroyed many pieces. In 1913, still distraught from her break with Rodin in 1898, she was committed to a mental institution, and from 1914 until her death she lived in a rest home.

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