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Clarion definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

CLARION, n. A kind of trumpet, whose tube is narrower and its tone more acute and shrill than that of the common trumpet.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: loud and clear; "a clarion call" n
1: a medieval brass instrument with a clear shrill tone v
1: blow the clarion
2: proclaim on, or as if on, a clarion

Merriam Webster's

I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French & Medieval Latin; Middle French clairon, from Medieval Latin clarion-, clario, from Latin clarus Date: 14th century 1. a medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones 2. the sound of or as if of a clarion II. adjective Date: 1801 brilliantly clear <her clarion top notes>; also loud and clear <a clarion call to action>

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. & adj. --n. 1 a clear rousing sound. 2 hist. a shrill narrow-tubed war trumpet. 3 an organ-stop with the quality of a clarion. --adj. clear and loud. Etymology: ME f. med.L clario -onis f. L clarus clear

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Clarion Clar"i*on, n. [OE. clarioun, OF. clarion, F. clairon, LL. clario, claro; so called from its clear tone, fr. L. clarus clear. See Clear.] A kind of trumpet, whose note is clear and shrill. He sounds his imperial clarion along the whole line of battle. --E. Everett.

Moby Thesaurus

English horn, alpenhorn, alphorn, althorn, alto horn, bagpipe, ballad horn, baritone, bass horn, bassoon, bay, beep, bell, blare, blast, blat, block flute, blow, blow a horn, blow the horn, bombard, bourdon, brass choir, brass wind, brass-wind instrument, brasses, bray, bugle, bugle call, bugle horn, call to arms, call-up, carillon, catchword, cello, claribel, clarinet, clarion call, clear, cloudless, concert flute, conscription, cornet, cornet-a-pistons, corno di caccia, cornopean, cromorna, cymbel, diapason, doodle, double-bell euphonium, double-tongue, dulciana, euphonium, exhortation, fife, fine, flute, flute stop, foundation stop, fourniture, gamba, gedeckt, gemshorn, go for broke, gung ho, harmonic flute, helicon, honk, horn, hunting horn, hybrid stop, key trumpet, koppel flute, larigot, levy, lip, lituus, lur, mellophone, melodia, mixture, mobilization, muster, mutation stop, nazard, oboe, octave, ophicleide, orchestral horn, organ stop, peal, piccolo, pipe, pleasant, plein jeu, pocket trumpet, posaune, post horn, principal, quint, quintaten, rainless, rally, rallying cry, rank, ranket, rebel yell, recruitment, reed stop, register, rohr flute, sackbut, saxhorn, saxtuba, serpent, sesquialtera, shawm, shriek, slide trombone, sliphorn, slogan, sound, sound a tattoo, sound taps, sousaphone, spitz flute, squeal, stop, stopped diapason, stopped flute, string diapason, string stop, sunny, sunshiny, tenor tuba, tierce, tongue, toot, tootle, tremolo, triple-tongue, tromba, trombone, trumpet, trumpet call, tuba, tweedle, twelfth, unclouded, unda maris, undarkened, valve trombone, valve trumpet, vibrato, viola, voix celeste, vox angelica, vox humana, war cry, war whoop, watchword, whistle, wind, wind the horn


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