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Butment cheek definitions

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Butment But"ment, n. [Abbreviation of Abutment.] 1. (Arch.) A buttress of an arch; the supporter, or that part which joins it to the upright pier. 2. (Masonry) The mass of stone or solid work at the end of a bridge, by which the extreme arches are sustained, or by which the end of a bridge without arches is supported. Butment cheek (Carp.), the part of a mortised timber surrounding the mortise, and against which the shoulders of the tenon bear. --Knight.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Cheek Cheek (ch[=e]k), n. [OE. cheke, cheoke, AS. ce[`a]ce, ce[`o]ce; cf. Goth. kukjan to kiss, D. kaak cheek; perh. akin to E. chew, jaw.] 1. The side of the face below the eye. 2. The cheek bone. [Obs.] --Caucer. 3. pl. (Mech.) Those pieces of a machine, or of any timber, or stone work, which form corresponding sides, or which are similar and in pair; as, the cheeks (jaws) of a vise; the cheeks of a gun carriage, etc. 4. pl. The branches of a bridle bit. --Knight. 5. (Founding) A section of a flask, so made that it can be moved laterally, to permit the removal of the pattern from the mold; the middle part of a flask. 6. Cool confidence; assurance; impudence. [Slang] Cheek of beef. See Illust. of Beef. Cheek bone (Anat.) the bone of the side of the face; esp., the malar bone. Cheek by jowl, side by side; very intimate. Cheek pouch (Zo["o]l.), a sacklike dilation of the cheeks of certain monkeys and rodents, used for holding food. Cheeks of a block, the two sides of the shell of a tackle block. Cheeks of a mast, the projection on each side of a mast, upon which the trestletrees rest. Cheek tooth (Anat.), a hinder or molar tooth. Butment cheek. See under Butment.

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