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Bonus definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

BONUS, n. [L.] A premium given for a charter or other privilege granted to a company.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: anything that tends to arouse; "his approval was an added fillip" [syn: bonus, fillip]
2: an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of increasing output [syn: bonus, incentive]

Merriam Webster's

noun Etymology: Latin, literally, good more at bounty Date: 1773 something in addition to what is expected or strictly due: as a. money or an equivalent given in addition to an employee's usual compensation b. a premium (as of stock) given by a corporation to a purchaser of its securities, to a promoter, or to an employee c. a government payment to war veterans d. a sum in excess of salary given an athlete for signing with a team

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. 1 an unsought or unexpected extra benefit. 2 a a usu. seasonal gratuity to employees beyond their normal pay. b an extra dividend or issue paid to the shareholders of a company. c a distribution of profits to holders of an insurance policy. Etymology: L bonus, bonum good (thing)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Bonus Bo"nus, n.; pl. Bonuses. [L. bonus good. Cf. Bonny.] 1. (Law) A premium given for a loan, or for a charter or other privilege granted to a company; as the bank paid a bonus for its charter. --Bouvier. 2. An extra dividend to the shareholders of a joint stock company, out of accumulated profits. 3. Money paid in addition to a stated compensation.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(bonuses) 1. A bonus is an extra amount of money that is added to someone's pay, usually because they have worked very hard. Workers in big firms receive a substantial part of their pay in the form of bonuses and overtime. ...a 15 bonus. ...a special bonus payment. N-COUNT 2. A bonus is something good that you get in addition to something else, and which you would not usually expect. We felt we might finish third. Any better would be a bonus... It's made from natural ingredients, but with the added bonus of containing 30 per cent less fat than ordinary cheese. = plus N-COUNT 3. A bonus is a sum of money that an insurance company pays to its policyholders, for example a percentage of the company's profits. These returns will not be enough to meet the payment of annual bonuses to policyholders. N-COUNT

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

n. [L.] Premium, reward, honorarium, gift, subsidy.

Moby Thesaurus

Trinkgeld, balance, bonus system, bounty, bribe, buried treasure, compensation, consideration, decoration, discovery, dividend, donative, double time, extra, extra added attraction, extra dash, fee, filigree, filling, fillip, find, finding, flourish, foundling, frill, fringe benefit, gratuity, gravy, grease, hand-out, honorarium, incentive pay, inducement, lagniappe, largess, largesse, leftover, liberality, margin, ornament, overage, overmeasure, overplus, overrun, overset, overstock, oversupply, overtime pay, padding, palm oil, perk, perks, perquisite, perquisites, plus, pourboire, premium, remainder, remuneration, reward, salve, solatium, something extra, spare, sportula, stuffing, superaddition, surplus, surplusage, sweetener, tip, treasure trove, trimming, trouvaille, trove, twist, waifs, waifs and strays, windfall, windfall money, windfall profit, wrinkle


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