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Bland definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

BLAND, a. [L. blandus.] Mild; soft; gentle; as bland words; bland zephyrs.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: lacking taste or flavor or tang; "a bland diet"; "insipid hospital food"; "flavorless supermarket tomatoes"; "vapid beer"; "vapid tea" [syn: bland, flat, flavorless, flavourless, insipid, savorless, savourless, vapid]
2: lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; "a bland little drama"; "a flat joke" [syn: bland, flat]
3: smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication; "he was too politic to quarrel with so important a personage"; "the manager pacified the customer with a smooth apology for the error" [syn: politic, smooth, suave, bland]

Merriam Webster's

adjective Etymology: Latin blandus Date: 1565 1. a. smooth and soothing in manner or quality <a bland smile> b. exhibiting no personal concern or embarrassment ; unperturbed <a bland confession of guilt> 2. a. not irritating, stimulating, or invigorating ; soothing b. dull, insipid <bland stories with little plot or action> Synonyms: see suave blandly adverb blandness noun

Oxford Reference Dictionary

adj. 1 a mild, not irritating. b tasteless, unstimulating, insipid. 2 gentle in manner; suave. Derivatives: blandly adv. blandness n. Etymology: L blandus soft, smooth

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Bland Bland, a. [L. blandus, of unknown origin.] 1. Mild; soft; gentle; smooth and soothing in manner; suave; as, a bland temper; bland persuasion; a bland sycophant. ``Exhilarating vapor bland.'' --Milton. 2. Having soft and soothing qualities; not drastic or irritating; not stimulating; as, a bland oil; a bland diet.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(blander, blandest) 1. If you describe someone or something as bland, you mean that they are rather dull and unexciting. Serle has a blander personality than Howard... ...a bland, 12-storey office block. ADJ blandness ...the blandness of television. 2. Food that is bland has very little flavour. It tasted bland and insipid, like warmed cardboard. ADJ

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

a. 1. Soft, mild, gentle, balmy, soothing, demulcent. 2. Affable, suave, kindly, mild, amiable, mild-mannered, complaisant.

Moby Thesaurus

abstract, adulatory, balmy, banal, bare, barren, blah, blandishing, blank, blarneying, bleached, boring, broad, buttery, cajoling, calm, changeable, characterless, civilized, clear, collective, complimentary, composed, cool, courtierly, courtly, devoid, disarming, dull, empty, faint, fair-spoken, fawning, featureless, fine-spoken, flat, flattering, fulsome, general, generalized, generic, gentle, glib, good-natured, gushing, halfhearted, hollow, honey-mouthed, honey-tongued, honeyed, inane, indecisive, indefinite, indeterminate, infirm of purpose, infirm of will, ingratiating, insincere, insinuating, insipid, insouciant, irresolute, judicious, lenient, mealymouthed, mild, mild as milk, milk-and-water, milky, moderate, mushy, namby-pamby, nebulous, neutral, nonchalant, nonspecific, nonviolent, null, null and void, obsequious, oily, oily-tongued, pacifistic, peaceable, peaceful, prudent, sapless, slimy, slobbery, smarmy, smooth, smooth-spoken, smooth-tongued, smug, soapy, sober, soft, soft-soaping, soft-spoken, soothing, suave, suave-spoken, sycophantic, tame, tasteless, temperate, uncharacterized, unctuous, undifferentiated, unemotional, uninteresting, unrelieved, unruffled, unspecified, urbane, vacant, vacuous, vague, vapid, void, waterish, watery, wheedling, white, wide, wishy-washy, with nothing inside, without content


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