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Berlioz definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: French composer of romantic works (1803-1869) [syn: Berlioz, Hector Berlioz, Louis-Hector Berlioz]

Merriam Webster's

biographical name (Louis) Hector 1803-1869 French composer • Berliozian adjective

Britannica Concise

French composer. He studied guitar in his early years, but had to fight to be permitted to study music seriously. His Symphonie fantastique (1830), written at 27 in the frenzy of an infatuation, had a stormy premiere and became a landmark of the Romantic era. He became a brilliant conductor, with an unsurpassed knowledge of the orchestra. Impulsive and passionate, he was a contentious critic and gadfly constantly at war with the musical establishment. Though he was the most compelling French musical figure of his time, his idiosyncratic compositional style kept almost all his music out of the repertory until the mid-20th cent. His works include the operas Benvenuto Cellini (1837), Les Troyens (1858), and Bé atrice et Bé né dict (1862); the program symphonies Harold in Italy (1834) and Romeo and Juliet (1839); and the choral Requiem (1837), La damnation de Faust (1846), Te Deum (1849), and L'enfance du Christ (1854). His orchestration treatise (1843) is the most influential such work ever written, and his memoirs (1870) were widely read.


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