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battle of Ypres definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: battle in World War I (1917); an Allied offensive which eventually failed because tanks bogged down in the waterlogged soil of Flanders; Germans introduced mustard gas which interfered with the Allied artillery [syn: Ypres, battle of Ypres, third battle of Ypres]
2: battle in World War I (1915); Germans wanted to try chlorine (a toxic yellow gas) as a weapon and succeeded in taking considerable territory from the Allied salient [syn: Ypres, battle of Ypres, second battle of Ypres]
3: battle in World War I (1914); heavy but indecisive fighting as the Allies and the Germans both tried to break through the lines of the others [syn: Ypres, battle of Ypres, first battle of Ypres]


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