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Bastion definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

BAS'TION, n. bas'chun. A huge mass of earth, usually faced with sods, sometimes with brick, or stones, standing out from a rampart, of which it is a principal part; formerly called a bulwark. Bastions are solid or hollow. A flat bastion is made in the middle of the curtain, when it is too long to be defended by the bastions in its extremes. A cut bastion has its point cut off and instead of it a re-entering angle, or an angle inwards, with two points outward. A composed bastion has two sides of the interior polygon unequal, which makes the gorges unequal. A demibastion is composed of one face only, which makes the gorges unequal. A demibastion is composed of one face only, with one flank and a demigorge. A double bastion is one raised on the plane of another.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: a group that defends a principle; "a bastion against corruption"; "the last bastion of communism"
2: a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle [syn: bastion, citadel]
3: projecting part of a rampart or other fortification

Merriam Webster's

noun Etymology: Middle French, from Old Italian bastione, augmentative of bastia fortress, derivative from dialect form of bastire to build, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German besten to patch Date: 1562 1. a projecting part of a fortification 2. a fortified area or position 3. stronghold 2 <the last bastion of academic standards American Scientist> bastioned adjective

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. 1 a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle of, or against the line of, a wall. 2 a thing regarded as protecting (bastion of freedom). 3 a natural rock formation resembling a bastion. Etymology: F f. It. bastione f. bastire build

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Bastion Bas"tion, n. [F. bastion (cf. It. bastione), fr. LL. bastire to build (cf. F. b?tir, It. bastire), perh. from the idea of support for a weight, and akin to Gr. ? to lift, carry, and to E. baston, baton.] (Fort.) A work projecting outward from the main inclosure of a fortification, consisting of two faces and two flanks, and so constructed that it is able to defend by a flanking fire the adjacent curtain, or wall which extends from one bastion to another. Two adjacent bastions are connected by the curtain, which joins the flank of one with the adjacent flank of the other. The distance between the flanks of a bastion is called the gorge. A lunette is a detached bastion. See Ravelin.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(bastions) If a system or organization is described as a bastion of a particular way of life, it is seen as being important and effective in defending that way of life. Bastion can be used both when you think that this way of life should be ended and when you think it should be defended. (FORMAL) ...a town which had been a bastion of white prejudice... The army is still one of the last male bastions. = stronghold N-COUNT: with supp, usu N of n

Moby Thesaurus

abatis, acropolis, advanced work, balistraria, bank, banquette, barbed-wire entanglement, barbican, barricade, barrier, bartizan, battlement, beachhead, blockhouse, breastwork, bridgehead, bulwark, bunker, casemate, castle, cheval-de-frise, circumvallation, citadel, contravallation, counterscarp, curtain, demibastion, dike, donjon, drawbridge, earthwork, enclosure, entanglement, escarp, escarpment, fasthold, fastness, fence, fieldwork, fort, fortalice, fortification, fortress, garrison, garrison house, glacis, hold, keep, loophole, lunette, machicolation, mantelet, martello, martello tower, merlon, mote, motte, mound, outwork, palisade, parados, parapet, peel, peel tower, pillbox, portcullis, post, postern gate, rampart, rath, ravelin, redan, redoubt, safehold, sally port, scarp, sconce, stockade, strong point, stronghold, tenaille, tower, tower of strength, vallation, vallum, ward, work


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