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Audubon, John James definitions

Britannica Concise

French-U.S. ornithologist, artist, and naturalist known for his drawings and paintings of N. Amer. birds. Born illegitimately to a French merchant in Haiti, he returned with his father to France, where he studied painting briefly with J.-L. David before moving to the U.S. at 18. From his father's Pennsylvania estate he made the first Amer. bird-banding experiments. After failing in business ventures, he concentrated on drawing and studying birds, which took him from Florida to Labrador. His extraordinary four-volume Birds of America was published in London in 1827-38. He simultaneously published the extensive accompanying text Ornithological Biography (5 vols., 1831-39). His multivolume Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America (1842-54) was completed by his sons. Though his bird poses are sometimes unrealistic (the result of painting dead birds wired into position) and some details are inaccurate, few argue with the excellence of his illustrations as art, and his studies were fundamental to New World ornithology.


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