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Assert definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

ASSERT', v.t. [L. assero, assertum, to claim or challenge, to maintain or assert; of ad and sero. The sense of sero is to sow, properly to throw or set. To assert is to throw or set firmly.]
1. To affirm positively; to declare with assurance; to aver.
2. To maintain or defend by words or measures; to vindicate a claim or title to; as, to assert our rights and liberties.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: state categorically [syn: assert, asseverate, maintain]
2: to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true; "Before God I swear I am innocent" [syn: affirm, verify, assert, avow, aver, swan, swear]
3: insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized; "Women should assert themselves more!" [syn: assert, put forward]
4: assert to be true; "The letter asserts a free society" [syn: insist, assert]

Merriam Webster's

transitive verb Etymology: Latin assertus, past participle of asserere, from ad- + serere to join more at series Date: circa 1604 1. to state or declare positively and often forcefully or aggressively 2. a. to demonstrate the existence of <assert his manhood James Joyce> b. posit, postulate Synonyms: assert, declare, affirm, protest, avow mean to state positively usually in anticipation of denial or objection. assert implies stating confidently without need for proof or regard for evidence <asserted that modern music is just noise>. declare stresses open or public statement <declared her support for the candidate>. affirm implies conviction based on evidence, experience, or faith <affirmed the existence of an afterlife>. protest emphasizes affirming in the face of denial or doubt <protested that he really had been misquoted>. avow stresses frank declaration and acknowledgment of personal responsibility for what is declared <avowed that all investors would be repaid in full>. Synonym: see in addition maintain.

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v. 1 tr. declare; state clearly (assert one's beliefs; assert that it is so). 2 refl. insist on one's rights or opinions; demand recognition. 3 tr. vindicate a claim to (assert one's rights). Derivatives: assertor n. Etymology: L asserere (as AD-, serere sert- join)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Assert As*sert", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Asserted; p. pr. & vb. n. Asserting.] [L. assertus, p. p. of asserere to join or fasten to one's self, claim, maintain; ad + serere to join or bind together. See Series.] 1. To affirm; to declare with assurance, or plainly and strongly; to state positively; to aver; to asseverate. Nothing is more shameful . . . than to assert anything to be done without a cause. --Ray. 2. To maintain; to defend. [Obs. or Archaic] That . . . I may assert Eternal Providence, And justify the ways of God to men. --Milton. I will assert it from the scandal. --Jer. Taylor. 3. To maintain or defend, as a cause or a claim, by words or measures; to vindicate a claim or title to; as, to assert our rights and liberties. To assert one's self, to claim or vindicate one's rights or position; to demand recognition. Syn: To affirm; aver; asseverate; maintain; protest; pronounce; declare; vindicate. Usage: To Assert, Affirm, Maintain, Vindicate. To assert is to fasten to one's self, and hence to claim. It is, therefore, adversative in its nature. We assert our rights and privileges, or the cause of tree institutions, as against opposition or denial. To affirm is to declare as true. We assert boldly; we affirm positively. To maintain is to uphold, and insist upon with earnestness, whatever we have once asserted; as, to maintain one's cause, to maintain an argument, to maintain the ground we have taken. To vindicate is to use language and measures of the strongest kind, in defense of ourselves and those for whom we act. We maintain our assertions by adducing proofs, facts, or arguments; we are ready to vindicate our rights or interests by the utmost exertion of our powers.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(asserts, asserting, asserted) 1. If someone asserts a fact or belief, they state it firmly. (FORMAL) Mr. Helm plans to assert that the bill violates the First Amendment... The defendants, who continue to assert their innocence, are expected to appeal... Altman asserted, 'We were making a political statement about western civilisation and greed.' = declare VERB: V that, V n, V with quote assertion (assertions) There is no concrete evidence to support assertions that the recession is truly over. N-VAR 2. If you assert your authority, you make it clear by your behaviour that you have authority. After the war, the army made an attempt to assert its authority in the south of the country... = establish VERB: V n assertion The decision is seen as an assertion of his authority within the company. N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n 3. If you assert your right or claim to something, you insist that you have the right to it. The republics began asserting their right to govern themselves. VERB: V n assertion These institutions have made the assertion of ethnic identity possible. N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n 4. If you assert yourself, you speak and act in a forceful way, so that people take notice of you. He's speaking up and asserting himself confidently. VERB: V pron-refl

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

v. a. 1. Affirm, declare, maintain, pronounce, express, say, aver, allege, asseverate, protest, avouch, avow, predicate, lay down. 2. Vindicate, defend, claim, maintain, uphold, put forward, insist upon, press, emphasize, make felt.

Moby Thesaurus

advance, advocate, affirm, allege, allege in support, announce, annunciate, answer, argue, argue for, assever, asseverate, aver, avouch, avow, brook no denial, champion, confess, contend, contend for, counter, declare, defend, enunciate, espouse, express, express the belief, have, hold, insist, insist on, insist upon, issue a manifesto, lay down, maintain, make a plea, manifesto, nuncupate, persist, plead for, pose, posit, postulate, predicate, press, proclaim, profess, pronounce, propose, propound, protest, put, put it, quote, rebut, recite, refute, relate, reply, respond, riposte, say, say in defense, set down, set forth, speak, speak for, speak out, speak up, speak up for, stand for, stand on, stand up for, state, stick to, stick up for, submit, support, sustain, swear, take no denial, uphold, urge, urge reasons for, vow, warrant

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