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Annihilate definitions

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

ANNI'HILATE, v.t. [L. ad and nihilum, nothing, of ne, not, and hilum, a trifle.]
1. To reduce to nothing; to destroy the existence of.
No human power can annihilate matter.
2. To destroy the form or peculiar distinctive properties, so that the specific thing no longer exists; as, to annihilate a forest by cutting and carrying away the trees, though the timber may still exist; to annihilate a house by demolishing the structure.

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: kill in large numbers; "the plague wiped out an entire population" [syn: eliminate, annihilate, extinguish, eradicate, wipe out, decimate, carry off]

Merriam Webster's

verb (-lated; -lating) Etymology: Late Latin annihilatus, past participle of annihilare to reduce to nothing, from Latin ad- + nihil nothing more at nil Date: 1525 transitive verb 1. a. to cause to be of no effect ; nullify b. to destroy the substance or force of 2. to regard as of no consequence 3. to cause to cease to exist; especially kill 4. a. to destroy a considerable part of <bombs annihilated the city> ; to vanquish completely ; rout <annihilated the visitors 56-0> 5. to cause (a particle and its antiparticle) to vanish by annihilating intransitive verb of a particle and its antiparticle to vanish or cease to exist by coming together and changing into other forms of energy (as photons) annihilation noun annihilator noun annihilatory adjective

Oxford Reference Dictionary

v.tr. 1 completely destroy. 2 defeat utterly; make insignificant or powerless. Derivatives: annihilator n. Etymology: LL annihilare (as AN-(2), nihil nothing)

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Annihilate An*ni"hi*late (an*n[imac]"h[i^]*l[asl]t), a. Annihilated. [Archaic] --Swift.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Annihilate An*ni"hi*late, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Annihilated; p. pr. & vb. n. Annihilating.] [L. annihilare; ad + nihilum, nihil, nothing, ne hilum (filum) not a thread, nothing at all. Cf. File, a row.] 1. To reduce to nothing or nonexistence; to destroy the existence of; to cause to cease to be. It impossible for any body to be utterly annihilated. --Bacon. 2. To destroy the form or peculiar distinctive properties of, so that the specific thing no longer exists; as, to annihilate a forest by cutting down the trees. ``To annihilate the army.'' --Macaulay. 3. To destroy or eradicate, as a property or attribute of a thing; to make of no effect; to destroy the force, etc., of; as, to annihilate an argument, law, rights, goodness.

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(annihilates, annihilating, annihilated) 1. To annihilate something means to destroy it completely. The Army was annihilated. VERB: V n annihilation ...the threat of nuclear war and annihilation of the human race. N-UNCOUNT: oft N of n 2. If you annihilate someone in a contest or argument, you totally defeat them. The Dutch annihilated the Olympic champions 5-0. VERB: V n

Soule's Dictionary of English Synonyms

v. a. Destroy, extinguish, quench, kill, exterminate, raze, blast, ruin, nullify, annul, put an end to, put out of existence, blot out, blot from being obliterate.

Moby Thesaurus

abate, abolish, abrogate, abscind, amputate, annul, ban, bar, bereave of life, blot out, bob, bring to naught, cancel, carry away, carry off, chloroform, clip, crop, cull, cut, cut away, cut down, cut off, cut out, decimate, demolish, deprive of life, deracinate, destroy, dispatch, dispose of, do away with, do for, do to death, dock, efface, eliminate, end, enucleate, eradicate, erase, except, excise, exclude, execute, expunge, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, finish, finish off, immolate, invalidate, isolate, kill, knock off, launch into eternity, liquidate, lop, lynch, make away with, martyr, martyrize, massacre, murder, mutilate, negate, negative, nip, nullify, obliterate, pare, peel, pick out, poison, prune, purge, put away, put down, put to death, put to sleep, quash, quell, quench, raze, remove, remove from life, repeal, revoke, root out, root up, rout, ruin, rule out, sacrifice, set apart, set aside, shave, shear, slay, squash, stamp out, starve, strike off, strip, strip off, suppress, sweep away, take life, take off, take out, truncate, unbuild, undo, uproot, vitiate, void, wipe out, wrack, wreck

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