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allergy definitions

WordNet (r) 3.0 (2005)

1: hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity [syn: allergy, allergic reaction]

Merriam Webster's

noun (plural -gies) Etymology: German Allergie, from all- + Greek ergon work more at work Date: 1910 1. altered bodily reactivity (as hypersensitivity) to an antigen in response to a first exposure <a bee venom allergy so severe that a second sting may be fatal> 2. exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction (as by sneezing, difficult breathing, itching, or skin rashes) to substances, situations, or physical states that are without comparable effect on the average individual 3. medical practice concerned with allergies 4. a feeling of antipathy or aversion

Britannica Concise

Hypersensitive reaction by the body to foreign substances (allergens or antigens), such as pollens, drugs, dusts, and foods, that are harmless to most people. Immediate allergic reactions result from genetic predisposition or sensitization by previous exposure; blood vessels dilate and bronchial air passages constrict. A severe reaction (anaphylaxis) can obstruct breathing and may be fatal. Delayed allergic responses (e.g., contact dermatitis) appear 12 hours or more after exposure. Avoiding allergens and taking antihistamines can prevent or treat allergies. When avoidance is not feasible and antihistamines do not relieve symptoms, desensitization can be attempted.

Oxford Reference Dictionary

n. (pl. -ies) 1 Med. a condition of reacting adversely to certain substances, esp. particular foods, pollen, fur, or dust. 2 colloq. an antipathy. Derivatives: allergist n. Etymology: G Allergie, after Energie ENERGY, f. Gk allos other

Collin's Cobuild Dictionary

(allergies) If you have a particular allergy, you become ill or get a rash when you eat, smell, or touch something that does not normally make people ill. Food allergies can result in an enormous variety of different symptoms... N-VAR

Moby Thesaurus

abhorrence, abnormality, abomination, acute disease, affection, affliction, ailment, allergen, allergic disease, allergic disorder, anaphylaxis, antagonism, antipathy, asthma, atrophy, aversion, bacterial disease, birth defect, blight, cardiovascular disease, chronic disease, circulatory disease, cold sweat, complaint, complication, condition, congenital defect, conjunctivitis, considerateness, cosmetic dermatitis, creeping flesh, defect, deficiency disease, deformity, degenerative disease, delicacy, disability, disease, disgust, disorder, distemper, eczema, empathy, endemic, endemic disease, endocrine disease, enmity, epidemic disease, exquisiteness, fineness, functional disease, fungus disease, gastrointestinal disease, genetic disease, handicap, hate, hatred, hay fever, hereditary disease, hives, horror, hostility, hyperesthesia, hyperpathia, hypersensitivity, iatrogenic disease, identification, illness, indisposition, infectious disease, infirmity, irritability, loathing, malady, malaise, morbidity, morbus, mortal horror, muscular disease, nausea, nervousness, neurological disease, nutritional disease, occupational disease, organic disease, oversensibility, oversensitiveness, overtenderness, pandemic disease, passibility, pathological condition, pathology, perceptiveness, perceptivity, photophobia, plant disease, pollinosis, prickliness, protozoan disease, psychosomatic disease, rejection, repugnance, repulsion, respiratory disease, responsiveness, revulsion, rockiness, rose cold, secondary disease, seediness, sensitiveness, sensitivity, sensitization, shuddering, sickishness, sickness, signs, soreness, supersensitivity, sympathy, symptomatology, symptomology, symptoms, syndrome, tact, tactfulness, tenderness, tetchiness, the pip, thin skin, ticklishness, touchiness, urogenital disease, urticaria, virus disease, wasting disease, worm disease


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